Tripodi's Phantom Cuts

Posted on January 24th, 2010

In a recent interview with Mile Square View, Judy Tripodi was asked to explain what ever happened to the layoffs and demotions that were announced early last year.

Tripodi concedes that she never delivered on those promised cost reductions. Her "excuse" for inaction makes no sense to us. Tripodi claims that she couldn't follow through in light of Peter Cammarano's arrest. However, she made the layoff and demotion recommendations prior to his election. And yet, Tripodi now maintains that she couldn't lay off city employees after Cammarano's arrest, as she "didn't know who was coming in."

Well, Dawn Zimmer was named Acting Mayor in very short order. She was then duly elected. So why haven't those layoffs been made? Tripodi never directly answers that question.

Whatever the reason, this delay has cost taxpayers perhaps as much as one million dollars so far. It's simply infuriating to learn that, after swiftly hitting us with such a massive tax hike, the state fiscal monitor is now in no particular hurry to downsize government. And neither, apparently, is our mayor.

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