Local Money for Family Planning?

Posted on August 24th, 2011

Council to Vote Tonight

Mayor Dawn Zimmer, in a letter dated yesterday, revealed her administration's intent to locally fund Hoboken Family Planning. Never heard of them? Think: Planned Parenthood.

Like Planned Parenthood, Hoboken Family Planning is a Title X entity that was recently defunded by Gov. Christie. Now Mayor Zimmer wants to step in with local taxpayer dollars. Pro-life activists across the state have taken notice of Zimmer's proposal, fearing that other pro-choice mayors will follow suit.

Today, New Jersey Right to Life roundly denounced this proposed use of local taxpayer money. And they are right to do so, for it would compel our city's pro-lifers and social conservatives to pay for activities they consider immoral.

It seems to us, however, that even pro-choicers might consider this a needless expenditure of municipal resources—particularly in the face of persistently high local taxes. Whether for moral or fiscal reasons, the council should vote down this spending request.

In the News
Hoboken411, 08/24/11, Zimmer: Your Tax Dollars Will Fund Hoboken "Planned Parenthood"

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